Ham Radio Mouse Key

Iambic CW Morse Code Keyer

This project can cost any where between $1.99 to $15.00. This is VERY cheap considering how much Keys go for new! ...and since I have access to computer equipment day in and day out, I usually receive bad "computer" mice frequently. If you know how to use a soldering iron and a pair of dykes, your all set and ready to roll (No pun intended!). Mice usually consist of two buttons, a scroll wheel (at least the newer style do) and a long wire with a PS2 or USB connection.

Open the mouse and clip the wires going to the ciruit board. Also click the ps2 end (as close to the end as possible, unless you want to use the PS2 end for something else), since you will not need that for this project. Look for the miniature switches. Depending on how you like your key, one will be for the DIT and the other for the DAH.

You may want to consult your radio's manual to find out how the key is wired. Once you do this, it is simple to connect the right wires to the right places. Please note, you should always remove any circuit traces from the switch to the rest of the board. There is no need to use the mouse again once you do this, and they are cheap enough to buy a new one or wait until one of your family members breaks theirs (or yours since they couldn't figure you why the mouse isn't moving on the computer or why it has a Phono plug on the other end :). - KC2NDA

Pictures are forth coming...

IC-V8000 Ham Radio