Weather Station

11/5/2005 - This project has been in the works for quite a number of years now. I finally got some equipment today that will help in this venture. Today we started the process of taking down a neighbors antenna. Ouch, this is a little bit of work! KB2PQE was the ground crew today - KC2NDA

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07/21/2007 - Almost 2 years! Ouch! Time to work and get some progress done. The anemometer and wind direction devices have been disassembled. There was a problem with one of the IR detectors (one was broken, possibly temperature effects?). The circuit has been reverse engineered and a new circuit is in the works. The project design will include a solar self powered circuit that will transmit the information to a receiver attached to the computer (This means no more wires!).

Wind Anemometer Wind Anemometer
Wind Anemometer Wind Anemometer

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